Saturday, May 28, 2011


What is the church? How was it built? Who built it? How was the foundation laid? How shall one build? How shall the supports be raised? How can one build upon that which has already been established? The Kingdom of God is advancing, yet are we on mission? The Revolution has ensued, yet are our hearts engaged! Christ has laid the foundation, the apostles have built upon it, and we have been commanded to build as they have been commanded to build (Matt. 28: 16-20). Are our lives dedicated to His Kingdom's cause? Are we engaged in The Mission of Jesus Christ? Are we in submission to His commands? Do our actions reveal who we Worship? Do we sacrifice our lives because He sacrificed His life for our's? Do we sacrifice anything and everything for His glory?
What is the church? Is the church just a building or is it the act of building up that which resides inside and outside of it's walls? Edifice Church has been designed to equip, enable, and edify each individual to Live Worship and Live The Mission of Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:11-16), thus acting as an agent to build The Kingdom of God. In surveying the lands we have decided that Charlotte, North Carolina, more specifically the University City area, is the place to build. Due to the lower-income demographic and the transient nature of the area, it has historically proven difficult to sustain a church in the University City area long-term. Many churches attempt and fail to start and sustain a church in the area for this reason, consequently being forced to either close their doors due to financial destitution or move to the suburbs for financial restitution. We observe this harsh reality as a convocation to start a church that will sustain the elements despite the anticipated storms. We observe this need as a calling to respond.
We see a glorious Son on the horizon that wants to bring His truth and light to the University City area to vanquish the darkness. We see a glorious vision of a place in ruins being entirely restored by the truth and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We see a place of darkness, a place of high crime and spiritual despair, in need of a divine light and it is by us through whom He shall shine (John 8:12). We see a place of educational deception and spiritual deceit in need of the truth (John 14:6).
We see a place and people in need of a Savior (John 3:16). In light of these things, we have chosen to bring light to the University City area (Matt. 5:14). And with this in mind we have decided to be the messengers of The Truth, that is Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:15). For if the truth be told, if The Truth and Light are not shed on the University City area, it will remain in darkness and it's people will remain Hell-bound, wandering in the dark without direction, walking in the ways of evil with no light to guide them.
So, united we stand and for this cause we assemble. The message of truth must be heard. The light of life must be shown. For this we assemble and for this we deploy. With that in heart and mind our declaration is this: The Gospel of Jesus Christ. In that spirit our directive is this: The Spirit of God. Taking that to heart our objective is this: Live Worship and Live The Mission of Jesus Christ! To do so in a cultural demographic which predominately consists of 18-25 year old, poor, non-Christian, college students and lower-income singles; we do ask for your financial support (The 2000 // 2010 Census: // The 2011 Statistical Abstract: // //). In a place of high crime and lower-income, we ask for your financial sanctioning. Will you build with us? The foundation has been laid, yet the supports must be raised. Will you help us in preparing the grounds through prayer and fasting? Will you help us in raising the supports of Edifice Church through giving and/or through service? The foundation is Christ and the workers are His saints. In laying the foundation every stone will be set according to Him, Jesus Christ, The Chief Cornerstone (Eph. 2:19-22). He established The Church. He is sustaining The Church and He commands us to build, as His Church. Will you build with us? Will you support the Church of Jesus Christ?
We are dedicated to The Mission and we have responded to the call (Mat. 28:16-20 // Acts 1:8). We've responded out of compassion and we've responded out of love (Mat. 22: 36-40). Out of obedience we march and out of passion we lead the charge. Will you join in The Revolution? Will you join in the Mission of Jesus Christ? For it is He who shall lead us and it is He who has revolutionized our hearts!

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