Friday, February 3, 2012


Edifice Church has been designed to equip, enable, and edify each individual to Live Worship and Live The Mission of Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:11-16). Christ has laid the foundation, the apostles have built upon it, and we have been commanded to build as they had been commanded to build (Matt. 28: 16-20). We are dedicated to The Mission of Jesus Christ, and out of obedience we shall march, out of love we shall revolt, and out of Godly passion we shall lead the charge. We shall Live Worship and Live The Mission of Jesus Christ! We shall be The Revolution, for Christ has revolutionized our hearts!!!!!!!

This is the decree, this is our solemn pledge. We DECREE that we are dedicated to “equipping the Saints for the work of the ministry”, for the sake of the world; AND for the glory of GOD. // (Eph. 4:12)

The R[evol]ution!

The Kingdom's cause, 'til Kingdom come is our objective. The Commission: Make Disciples. The Mission: Obey. The Declaration: The Gospel. The Manifesto: Live Worship and Live The Mission of Jesus Christ!!! For this we assemble, and for this we deploy!!! The Revolution shall ensue, for Christ has Revolutionized our hearts. May our love be revolutionary! May our love baffle, may our love confound. May our hearts beat to the rhythm of His war drum, and may His blood run through our veins. May His Gospel be our war cry, and may His grace be the banner that we raise! Although combative, we revolt with love, for this is how we have overcome. In warfare blood must be shed, and it is by His blood alone that we shall declare our victory. He has died our death so we didn't have to. By Christ the sacrifice has been made, and by Christ The Enemy has been defeated. By Christ alone!
Our team has set-up camp in the University City area of Charlotte, to wage war on The Enemy and to revolt in love, by declaring The Gospel of Jesus Christ and by being an expression of His love. We have decided that we're dedicated to winning the war. Therefore, we are dedicated to building The Kingdom, and not a castle; for there is indeed strength in The United. This is our decree, for we believe that it is not all about us, but rather it is about our King, Jesus....And thus we, as Kingdom citizens, are to be but His loyal, ever faithful, subjects...trusting in His Sovereign Grace and entrusting our lives to His Sovereignty. Thus, we know that The Church has not been designed to serve me or you, but it has been designed for us to serve through. Will you join The R[evol]ution?

May The King give you directive, and may you, as a devoted servant, diligently follow.

Live Worship and Live The Mission of Jesus Christ!!!